Yungblud isn’t letting anyone dictate what he should wear (Picture: Redferns/Getty)

Yungblud might be known for rocking an LBD on stage as only he can pull off, but the singer revealed his controversial lyrics and refusal to be bound by gender conventions hasn’t always gone down well in certain countries.

The Doncaster-born star, 22, revealed that he got death threats for his flamboyant clothing when he went to Russia to perform, and his team worry lyrics like ‘F**k the NRA’ could get him shot in America.

He explained: ‘In Russia I got death threats because I was wearing a skirt. The first thing I did when I landed in Moscow was put on a dress and go to Red Square to get a picture.

‘My guitar tech says that every night he gets really scared that I’m up there going, ‘F**k the NRA!’ and some nutcase is going to pull a gun out or something,’ he told NME.

‘But it doesn’t scare me. Because we’re just doing what’s right. If someone’s going to shoot me for it, then I’m prepared to get shot for…

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Yungblud reveals he got death threats for wearing a dress on stage in Russia: ‘It doesn’t scare me’
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