On a Saturday night, a large and expectant audience turned up to a preview screening of the BBC’s seven-part war drama World on Fire at a Polish community centre in west London. After decades of waiting to see their country’s second world war story told, Polish Londoners gathered to see whether the producers had succeeded in faithfully capturing history.

The centre – known as “Posk” – its Polish acronym – was built in the 1970s from donations made by a generation of Poles who had experienced the war first hand, and thus it made an appropriate setting. Even if slightly dated now, it remains a meeting point for Poles in Britain, and runs a busy programme of cultural events, a drop-in centre helping the community to prepare for Brexit. It offers, too, some of the best pierogi in London.

Many of those in the audience for the first episode were relatives of about 175,000 Poles who settled in the UK during and after the second world war. Wiktor Moszczyński, chairman of the Friends of Polish Veterans…

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World on Fire: Britain’s Poles hope war drama will help reclaim their past | Television & radio
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