Rainie Branning in EastEnders

No doubt Rainie will be keen to reconnect with her niece Abi on her return. (Picture: Kieron McCarron/BBC)

Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) returns to EastEnders tonight with a surprise for Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) and her reappearance stuns the Square.

Stuart, who had resolved to stand by Rainie no matter what before she was forced to leave the Square earlier this year, will plan a welcome home party for her and a seemingly reformed Rainie is set on making amends with those she was wronged.

But where has Rainie been over the last few months and what happened to cause her to leave Walford in the first place?

Where has Rainie been?

Before leaving the soap back in October, Rainie had been struggling to cope with her addiction to drugs and her actions spiraled out of control, culminating in her punching Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) in the face.

Rainie attacked Kathy so that she could call the police on herself and get sent to prison – a choice she made in a bid to get clean.

After being arrested on purpose she was…

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Where has Rainie been and is she returning to EastEnders for good?
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