China is no longer the global leader in cases of the virus that originated on its soil. The United States, with about one-fourth the number of people of the world’s most populous country, overtook China and Italy in confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday.

That dubious distinction took place as jobless claims smashed a record and U.S. deaths neared 1,300 as the coronavirus tightened its grip on America. Still, the prospect of a stimulus package soon becoming reality helped propel a third consecutive stock market rally.

Despite the continued increase in cases of COVID-19, President Donald Trump repeated his recent message that the country needs to get back to work. 

“The mortality rate is way, way down,” Trump said. “The people that actually die, that percentage is much lower than I expected.”

The Labor Department, in announcing the unemployment claims numbers for last week, said what Americans already knew — that…

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US surpasses China in deaths; unemployment spikes
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