Trump was in California on Wednesday to visit his US-Mexico border wall, which he hailed with characteristic bluster as a “world-class security system” that he insisted will be virtually impenetrable.

Trump toured a section of the border wall in San Diego’s Otay Mesa area. It was a return trip for the president, who traveled there in March 2018 to see border wall prototypes that authorities later destroyed to make way for 14 miles of steel, concrete-filled bollards currently under construction.

Before construction began, the border in San Diego was protected by an initial layer of sheet metal that was easily blow-torched and a second, more formidable layer that could be compromised with powerful, battery-operated saws.

“It was like a sheet metal and people would just knock it over like just routinely,” Trump said, referring to the initial layer that was replaced. He stood with construction workers and top Customs and Border Protection, Army Corps of Engineers and Homeland Security officials.

Mark Morgan, acting…

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