‘They’re ugly’

There’s a campaign going on in Washington that even the most garrulous members of Congress aren’t eager to talk about: to be part of a team of uncertain size, with a risky mission, to be named by a leader who isn’t talking about what she’s looking for or when she will decide.

Welcome to the race within the House to win a spot on the Democratic team that will prosecute the impeachment case against Donald Trump, the AP writes.

The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is the sole decider, but she has offered no hints as the impeachment saga accelerates toward an expected vote next week by the full House and, in January, a Senate trial.

“When the time is right, you’ll know who the people are,” she told reporters Thursday.

The impeachment managers will have to withstand the scrutiny and risk of prosecuting the case against Trump from the floor of the Republican-held Senate, before a global audience. And be willing to face the near-certainty of defeat, as the Senate appears unlikely to convict and…

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