Stacey Solomon, 30, revealed on ITV’s Loose Women last week that she often dreams that her boyfriend Joe Swash, 37, cheats on her as her subconscious thoughts run wild.

“I’ve dreamt before that Joe’s cheated on me,” she exclaimed.

She adds: “Obviously he never has but in my dreams it feels so real and I wake up with the right hump with him.”

The audience erupted with laughter before she continued: “He’s like ‘are you alright Stace?’ and I’m like ‘no!’”

Stacey’s confession comes after the ladies discussed dream patterns and how you can be dreaming without realising it.

“Apparently you dream around 47 times per night,” Kaye Adams said.

Fellow panellist Brenda Edwards admitted: “If I do have a dream then it’s a saucy dream.

“I wonder if I have saucy dreams because I don’t have enough sauce. If you dream something its meant to mean the opposite.”

Looking confused and alarmed, Stacey wondered what the opposite of her dreams could mean.

“My teeth fat out a lot in my dreams, and I have…

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Stacey Solomon says she dreams Joe Swash cheats on her | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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