Sally Nugent, 48, found herself jumping to the defence of her BBC Breakfast co-star Dan Walker, 43, after a disgruntled viewer slammed him for being condescending and “mansplaining” to his female colleague. Following an interview with a survivor from the recent New Zealand volcano eruption, the viewer believed Dan was patronising Sally by re-explaining the clip she had also watched.

She was quick to shut down the claims that Dan was a “patronising twit”, as she hit back at the fan, explaining his assumption was incorrect.

The BBC Breakfast duo spoke to a few people who told their accounts of the terrifying volcano eruption on the White Island, known locally as Whakaari, in New Zealand.

The devastation has left a reported six individuals dead, more than 30 injured with many suffering from severe burns, and nine people of the 47 visitors to the private resort still missing.

After one of the emotive interviews that showed footage of the erupting volcano billowing smoke into the atmosphere, Dan and Sally spoke about the…

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Sally Nugent defends BBC co-star Dan Walker after viewer brands him a ‘patronising twit’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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