Disabled people need to feel safe and this legislation leaves grey areas between terminal illness and chronic conditions

  • Years after her death, my wife may yet change New Zealand’s law on euthanasia

On Wednesday night, New Zealand MPs voted to adopt the end of life choice bill despite any number of warnings that it is a dangerous piece of work. It is risky to disabled people and unsafe to all.

In 2016, Canada passed euthanasia legislation and a consortium of appalled disabled Canadians fought a desperate rearguard action to bring in a vulnerable person’s standard (VPS). We’d not need that sort of thing, I thought. Clearly I was complacent. Disabled Australians, Canadians and Americans are appalled at euthanasia bills while British, Irish and Scots are incandescent.

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New Zealand's euthanasia bill is a step into the unknown for disabled people | Wendi Wicks
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