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  • The tech industry has evolved dramatically over the past decade as new brands have taken over.
  • Microsoft and Apple have stayed on top, but household names like Google, Amazon, and Facebook weren’t even among the top 10 companies in 2010.
  • In 2010, most of the largest firms were enterprise companies like IBM, Cisco, and Oracle, but since then, internet services and consumer-focused brands have mostly surpassed them.

In the past ten years, the tech industry has seen a great deal of change as new technologies and new companies have taken off. A decade ago, brands like Google, Amazon, and Facebook were still in their early stages of growth, while enterprise companies dominated the industry.

As 2019 comes to a close, here’s a look back at the top 10 publicly traded tech companies by market cap at the start of last decade, according to data from Morningstar Direct —…

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Microsoft, Apple were top tech companies in 2010 — and still are today
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