A “large proportion” of traders and businesses will not be ready for new customs and regulatory controls enforced under a no-deal Brexit, a watchdog has warned. 

The National Audit Office (NAO), Whitehall’s spending regulator, found the government has not mitigated the “most significant risks” to Britain’s border.

It released the findings as part of a report into the country’s preparedness for a split with the EU on 31 October.

Ministers have insisted government departments are prepared for all outcomes of crunch talks with Brussels.

But with the clock ticking down to exit day, and uncertainty over whether the prime minister will ask for a Brexit delay, questions remain over the contingency plans.

The NAO found progress had been made putting in place the systems, infrastructure and resources required to manage the border if there is a no-deal divorce.

It cautioned “there is still some work to do to finalise arrangements in the short time that remains and bringing all these elements together for…

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‘Large proportion’ of traders not ready for no-deal – Whitehall spending watchdog | Politics News
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