The Star Wars actor John Boyega says he has met Americans who are not aware there are black people living in London, and believes the under-representation of the black British experience in popular culture fuels such ignorance.

Boyega made the comments in a Radio Times interview where he discussed his future plans to create work about black life in Britain, partly as a result of having to explain to Americans that black Londoners exist while promoting his 2011 breakthrough film Attack the Block.

He said: “I’m black British and I’m from London. And that in itself is something that the world doesn’t know about yet. I met American people – civilians of a first-world country – who were confused that there were black people in London.

“That’s why entertainment is so special, it’s a great chance to bring people together and open them up to things they haven’t seen before.”

Boyega, who became one of the world’s most high-profile young actors after he was cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, said he…

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John Boyega: I’ve met Americans who don’t know black people live in London | Film
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