Earlier this week, researchers from Warwick University claimed people of Britain were at their most unhappy in 1978.

The latter year and the first two months of 1979 are best remembered for the Winter of Discontent, where strikes took place and caused various disruptions.

Jeremy Clarkson shared his thoughts on the study as he recalled his first year of working during the strikes.

In his column with The Sun newspaper, he wrote: “It’s been claimed that 1978 was the worst year in British history.

“I was going to argue with this. But then I remembered that this was the year when I started work.”

The Grand Tour host went on to say he was “excited” to start work at a local newspaper office, but was told to “go home” due to strikes.

He added: “I then sat about for two months with no pay and watched the rubbish pile up outside because the dustbin men were also on strike, along with nurses, train drivers, lorry drivers, car workers and everyone at the sewage plant.”

Jeremy went on to describe the situation as…

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