Jeremy continued: “Then there was the North. The so- called red wall. The polls were saying it’d crumble under the weight of all the Brexiteers. But I knew different. It’s one thing telling a pollster you’ll vote Tory, it’s quite another actually doing it.

“And no matter how much they want to get out of the EU, they cannot stand in the booth, pencil in shaking hand, and vote Tory knowing their grandad, who worked down the pit until he died of a lung disease, would be spinning around in his grave.

He added: “Absolutely everything, then, pointed to a Corbyn victory. And yet somehow, despite all this, Labour suffered its biggest defeat for more than 80 years.”

The TV star slammed the Labour leader and joked a goldfish would have had a better chance at a victory.

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Jeremy Clarkson: Grand Tour host bet against Tory win as he fumes at ‘useless Corbyn’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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