Lucy Alexander, 48, regularly keeps her fans up to date on Twitter with her day-to-day life and it was no different when she took to the micro-blogging site and fumed over the “cold weather” yesterday. The former Homes Under The Hammer star admitted she hates having to wrap up due to the freezing temperatures and then having to “un-dress” when she gets on a packed train.

In view of her 27,00 followers, Lucy tweeted: “I know I’m always tweeting about this but I just can’t cope with cold weather dressing then un-dressing the minute I get on a packed train.”

Social media users were quick to respond to her post as many agreed that they could relate to her frustration.

One person said: “I know what you mean, horrid isn’t it. I try and get the balance right but generally end up either too cold when travelling to the station or too hot on the train – sometimes both if I get it really wrong!”

Another person commented: “I think it’s worse as I get older! I’m 44 and I never have felt the cold as much as I do…

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Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander reveals she ‘can’t cope’ in candid admission | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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