FRESNO, Calif. – The manhunt continued Tuesday for at least two gunmen whose rampage at a football-watching party left four people dead, six wounded and the close-knit Hmong community here in shock and mourning.

The victims of Sunday night’s carnage were members of the Southeast Asian Hmong community that has flourished in and around Fresno in recent years.

Fresno Police Chief Andrew Hall said there were 16 adult males in the backyard when the suspects entered through an unlocked gate armed with semiautomatic handguns and started shooting. Hall was hesitant to link the shooting to gang violence, but said the the investigation was “very active” and authorities hope to “stabilize” the situation before any retaliation can take place.

“Obviously, I’m very concerned about additional acts of violence,” Hall said.

Paula Yang, friend of some of the victims, said she knows all the men at the party and was stunned by the assault.

“They are not gang members, they are family,” said Yang, who added that she was concerned by…

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Hmong community says victims are not gang members
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