Goldie then pointed out: “Anger and hurt and fear is also very contagious to our children, they will experience it themselves, so we do a service to our kids and a service to each other.

“Don’t fight, don’t be angry with each other, just love your children that’s all we have to do.”

Goldie concluded her comments by sending a heartfelt message to children about coping in uncertain times.

She said: “Remember that sometimes bad things can happen, but then what takes the place of that are good things and we have to remember that this is a limited experience.

“This is not your whole life, just like when you feel sad or angry or fearful, those emotions will go away and what will replace them is a happy emotion. Let’s focus on that.”

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Goldie Hawn issues warning to parents amid children’s coronavirus worries: ‘Don’t fight’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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