Opposition parties are using Equal Pay Day to announce equalities packages, while Johnson tries to brush off hostile reaction from flood victims

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  • Boris Johnson heckled over floods
  • Equal pay: election rivals set out plans to target gender gap

6.24am GMT

Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised that a Conservative government would reduce immigration overall, in an attack on Labour’s immigration policy.

Patel criticised Labour’s immigration policy, which has not been announced yet, saying: “Under Corbyn’s Labour, immigration would surge and put huge strain on schools and our NHS. Jeremy Corbyn has no credible plan for how to deal with the consequences of his open borders policy.

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6.16am GMT

Johnson has hit back at claims he is “in cahoots” with Nigel Farage. In a speech he said that in fact “the Sturgeon-Corbyn alliance would consign this country to months, if not years, of dither, delay, discord, division”.

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General election: pay gap promises from Labour and Lib Dems as Johnson navigates floods anger – live news
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