Boris Johnson has sparked outrage after pouring milk in a cup of tea before taking the bag out.

The prime minister’s hot-drink faux-pas came in an election broadcast on social media.

One viewer wrote on Facebook: “Anyone else annoyed by the fact that he put the milk in whilst the tea bag was still in the mug?”

And then followed a deluge of comments on the etiquette of making the perfect cuppa, with some branding his actions “a sin” and one individual even saying: “Oooo I could never vote for someone who does that.”

“I know, bag out before milk in!!!” one person responded.

“Needs to get rid of that filthy habit…..Take the bag out first….” wrote another.

Another viewer added: “Our actual Prime Minister doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea. Just how low can we possible (sic) sink?”

However, others leapt to the PM’s defence and questioned what all the fuss was about.

“Nope. I always do that!” said one, while another agreed: “It’s how we make ours. Scalds the milk.”

“My milk goes in before the tea bag,…

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General election: Outrage as Boris Johnson makes cuppa – and adds milk with bag still in mug | Politics News
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