The Friday Inbox tries to guess what Rockstar’s next game will be, as one reader catches Amazon selling pirated video games.

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Old favourite
So after the shock result that Pikachu is not the most popular pokémon or even close to it, I have to ask what is? Greninja, I guess. But I never liked that one and would not even have remembered it if not for being Smash Bros. My favourite is probably Slowpoke. I know that’s a Gen I choice, so some may think it’s just nostalgia, but I just have to look at one of the things and I start laughing.

There’s a friend of mine that I regularly call Slowpoke (yes, I know it was a word beforehand) and I think that probably adds to it as well. Also I feel a cuddly toy of it would probably work great as a pillow. I don’t have one, but I bet they exist.

I will say that a lot of the designs from Sword and Shield are good as well and I particularly like Sirfetch’d, Corviknight, Toxtricity, Dragapult, and…

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