The home secretary has signalled another U-turn on law and order with the return of Whitehall-set goals to cut crime and warned police there will be no excuses for failure.

Priti Patel told the annual conference of police chiefs that the addition of 20,000 officers over three years as promised by government meant forces should rigorously “investigate every type of crime”.

She said: “This extra injection of taxpayers’ cash must deliver the crime cuts the public desperately want. In three years’ time when the 20,000 additional officers are through the door, people must see a difference. Less crime, safer streets, no excuses. The public won’t accept them and neither should we.”

Patel said a national policing board and a new crime and policing performance board would set “outcomes” on cutting serious crime and other offences. She also promised a cut in bureaucracy.

Police chiefs see this as the return of nationally set targets introduced under New Labour and then derided by the Conservatives when they…

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Extra officers must lead to less crime, Priti Patel tells police chiefs | UK news
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