If this really is the latest golden generation, they did the olden generation mighty proud.

On a night when every England player from the past 147 years was saluted, this celebration romp was as much as about the future as the long and storied past.

Sure, this Montenegro team would rank amongst the worst England have faced in a thousand games but the youthful vigour with which they went about their task must have brought a smile to the faces of former luminaries such as Wayne Rooney and Paul Gascoigne.

Not to mention the precocious talent and, yes, cockiness that ran through this performance.

It was a thoroughly satisfactory night for a young England team

Gascoigne would certainly have appreciated the impudence that seems a standard trait amongst the likes of Marcus Rashford, Ben Chilwell, Jadon Sancho and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

It was good to see Gazza, standing out in a summer suit while everyone else was dressed in the darkness of winter.

He always was out on…

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England thrashing of Montenegro a fitting tribute on an historic night for the Three Lions – Andy Dunn
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