We’re now less than 40 minutes away from the start of tonight’s debate, which has the potential to be a turning point in the election campaign. It will be particularly interesting to see the approach that Boris Johnson takes – will he attack Corbyn from the off or try to rise above it and look prime ministerial?


With the Tories having built up a commanding poll lead, the real pressure is on Corbyn to make his mark. His best chance of doing so appears to be if he manages to get under Johnson’s skin – we saw during the Tory leadership debates in the summer that the prime minister can come across as petulant and bad-tempered when he is irritated.


Other election debates in recent years have not had a major impact on the result, at least not since 2010 when Nick Clegg’s strong performance sparked “Cleggmania” and a subsequent Lib Dem surge. Will tonight’s be any different? We’ll find out soon enough….

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Election debate: Boris Johnson and Corbyn go head to head on TV for first time tonight – follow live
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