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  • Trump's reported urging Ukraine on Biden probe 'a staggering abuse of power'
    The revelation by The Wall Street Journal was related to a whistleblower complaint about Trump. The US president said it was "dumb" to think he would say something innappropriate in phone calls with foreign leaders. Read more »
  • Protests in Egypt demand el-Sissi's ouster
    Small anti-government protests have broken out in Cairo and other Egyptian cities. Such public shows of dissent against strongman President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi are rare in the country. Read more »
  • US to send troops to Saudi Arabia after oil strike
    US President Donald Trump has approved sending troops to Saudi Arabia to aid the country's air defenses. The move comes after a strike that damaged key Saudi oil facilities. Read more »
  • Yemen rebels vow to halt attacks on Saudi Arabia
    The announcement comes a week after Houthi rebels clamed responsibility for a strike that crippled a key Saudi oil facility. The rebel group says the move is part of a peace plan to end the devastating conflict in Yemen. Read more »
  • Area 51: Storm in a teacup as 'raid' fizzles out
    Around 100 people gathered at the entrance to the secretive US military base before dispersing peacefully. More than 2 million people had originally answered the "Storm Area 51" Facebook event. Read more »
  • US announces more sanctions against Iran following Saudi attacks
    US President Donald Trump has called them the "highest sanctions ever imposed on a country." The announcement was made in a wide-ranging press conference with Australian PM Scott Morrison. Read more »
  • Russia jails Jehovah's Witnesses for alleged extremism
    A Russian court has sentenced six Jehovah's Witnesses to jail for belonging to an "extremist organization" in the western city of Satatov. Since 2017 the movement founded in the USA has been outlawed in Russia. Read more »
  • Diyanet: The Turkish religious authority that makes millions
    Turkey's highest religious authority brings in huge profits, say analysts. But as a historic brewery in Istanbul faces demolition for a dormitory, critics argue that such profiteering is not in line with Islam. Read more »
  • Merkel's Cabinet agrees 'climate packet,' environmentalists say it's paltry
    Germany's Cabinet has agreed a climate packet, including carbon dioxide pricing via emission certificates, costlier fuels, cheaper rail, and a ban on oil heaters from 2026. A leading Green was "bitterly disappointed." Read more »
  • Labour of love? Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to deliver
    UK's Labour goes into its party conference this weekend with a leader who wants to remain "neutral" in any second Brexit referendum. Could that be a recipe for disaster for the party and the country? Read more »