Denise Welch, 61, took to Instagram last night to show off the results her two stone weight loss.

The Loose Women star showed off her toned and tanned figure in a strapless bikini after celebrating another year of maintaining her trim figure.

She shared her “annual” before and after picture on the social media site, with her 65,200 followers yesterday, to mark the difference in her physique.

She revealed she looks and feels better and has maintained her shape after losing weight six years ago.

In the post, which shows two pictures side by side, Denise can be seen recreating a photograph that was taken during a day at the beach in 2013.

In the left-hand image, the mum-of-two wears a bright pink bikini and sports a shocked expression on her face.

She holds onto her strapless bikini top with one hand, ensuring her ample assets don’t spill out of her bra as she makes her way to the sea.

For her second snap, which appears on the right, Denise recreated the pose during a recent break in Barbados with her husband Lincoln…

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Denise Welch, 61, shows off results of her two stone weight loss with Barbados bikini snap | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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