A third of this summer’s food harvest could go to waste on British farms because of a chronic shortage of migrant labour caused by the coronavirus outbreak, charities and farmers are warning.

UK farms and food producers rely on a migrant workforce of 60,000 to 70,000 seasonal labourers mainly drawn from eastern European countries including Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

Within weeks, fruit and vegetable crops will need harvesting but travel restrictions across Europe and the UK, imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19, mean it may prove impossible to recruit overseas staff.

Many farms rely on seasonal workers
Many British farms rely on seasonal workers from abroad

Farm labour charity Concordia, which sources seasonal labourers for British farms, says it is “desperately worried” about the impact on the UK harvest, and warned that UK workers will not fill the gap.

Chief executive Stephanie Maurel told Sky News: “We are extremely worried about what that means for the…

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Coronavirus: ‘Third of UK harvest may go to waste’ due to COVID-19 travel ban | Business News
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