Three giant financial support packages pulled together in just nine days: the economic challenge momentous; the pace of work in Whitehall exhausting; the sums of money staggering.

The final set piece on Thursday was a generous £9bn scheme to support up to 3.8 million self-employed workers hit by coronavirus.

It came six days after Chancellor Rishi Sunak offered to help pay the wages of millions of salaried workers while he pumped another £7bn to put into the welfare system.

The previous week, Mr Sunak had announced a £350bn emergency package for the economy made up of state loan guarantees worth £330bn along with a further £20bn of handouts for struggling businesses. He also promised £12bn in emergency support in the budget earlier this month.

Tot it all up and you have £46bn in emergency support for businesses, the self-employed and the welfare system. Add the commitment to foot the wage bill for potentially millions of employees and the loan guarantee…

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Coronavirus: Billions set aside to help the UK economy – now comes the hard part | Politics News
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