The leaders of the Church of England have urged the public to “leave their echo chambers” during the general election campaign in an effort to understand those with whom they disagree.

The archbishops of Canterbury and York released a message on Tuesday, saying voters, campaigners and candidates “have a responsibility to speak accurately, to challenge falsehoods when we hear them, and to be careful to separate facts from opinion”.

The message, intended to be shared in churches across the country, reminds people of their “democratic duty to vote”, saying “it is time to put aside apathy and cynicism”.

Justin Welby and John Sentamu said: “Offering facts and opinions should be done with humility and in love. People who hold different political views are not our enemies. Two people can look at the same facts and in good faith interpret them very differently. Issues need to be debated respectfully, and without resorting to personal abuse.

“We should engage responsibly, especially on social media. If we…

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Church of England urges UK voters to ‘leave their echo chambers’ | World news
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