Chris Evans, 53, dedicated a segment of his Tuesday morning Virgin Radio show to focus on the issue of people leaving worrying symptoms until it’s too late. He sent a clear message that it’s important to get anything abnormal checked out sooner rather than later, in case anything untoward is going on.

The radio DJ shares intimate details about his life with his listeners, including health checks and various issues he’s been experiencing, without being too graphic.

He recently announced that he would be undergoing a colonoscopy because his wife of 12 years, Natasha, suggested he get one just to be sure everything was ok.

He encouraged listeners to “get themselves checked for Christmas,” and now he’s had the procedure done, he’s even more hell-bent on raising awareness for the important, yet slightly “unpleasant”, process.

“It’s a very necessary process,” he said.

“It can save your life.”

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Messages from his audience came flooding…

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Chris Evans warns Virgin Radio listeners about cancer in important health message | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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