Privacy advocates, pundits, and politicians are all clamoring for more aggressive tech regulation. The issues are myriad and varied, but no matter how the 2020 election plays out, change is already on the way. To get a taste of what’s coming, head to California.

On Jan. 1, two new California laws will try to address some of the thorniest issues created by tech companies’ mounting power. The new statutes will also create headaches, hassles, costs, and complications for anyone doing business in the state. Investors, take heed.

Let’s start with AB (Assembly Bill) 5, which focuses on improving working conditions for “gig” economy workers at places like
Uber Technologies
(ticker: UBER),
(LYFT), DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart. AB5 enshrines into law a 2018 California Supreme Court decision, which laid out rules for classifying workers as contractors. The toughest bit: contract work must be “outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business.” The law…

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California’s AB5 and CCPA Laws Promise a New Era in Tech Regulation
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