Paul and John were once renowned for their songwriting abilities as a duo, but they famously fell out over artistic differences when the band was at the height of fame. As John is the band member who did eventually trigger the Beatles’ official split, many fans believe his decision was down to the influence of his wife Yoko. John went on to produce his single, ‘Imagine’ with Yoko’s input, which he later claimed had “more intelligent interest” than any work he had produced with the Beatles, sparking yet more rivalry between them.

Paul and John then went on to fight for several years after its disbandment.

Yet, despite popular belief, Paul did not hold it against Yoko. During an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine in 2016, Paul revealed how he once had a “big awakening” over his relationship with her.

He said: “My big awakening was, if John loves this woman, that’s gotta be right. I realised any resistance was something I had to overcome.

“It was a little hard at first. Gradually, we did. Now…

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Beatles news: Paul McCartney’s surprise revelation exposed: ‘Yoko and I are mates’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV
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