Fallout from medevac repeal continues as Angus Taylor controversies roll on. All the day’s political news, live

10.29pm GMT

Yesterday, in the middle of the #Medevac debate, before the laws were repealed through a secret deal, I am advised ten people were approved for medical transfers.

Ten people who signed their transfer papers.

I want to know what is going to happen to those ten people

10.21pm GMT

Wolf uses the call to directly dispute Taylor’s claim that she was in Oxford in 1991 and the inference she was involved in campaigning against Christmas. She was actually in New York, touring for her bestselling book.

“He can’t make up where I was,” Wolf says in the call.

Just so we’re clear, if you review Mr Taylor’s speech, there is no suggestion whatsoever that Naomi Wolf was campaigning against Christmas.

Tell me why in that case. Because I’ve read those words carefully and they absolutely… I’ve also been a political consultant to Gore and to the Clinton campaign. It’s very clear from the maiden…

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